We keep seeing all the things happening in the news recently. The saber rattling against Israel by most of it's neighbors, our Government leaders seeming to turn it's back on Israel, the arming and supporting of terrorist organizations, who are all focused on jihad against the Jewish and Christian believer. Know without a doubt that all this must come to pass and was told by Jesus in Matthew Chapter 24. Jesus tells us that we can expect this, and it will only get worse.

I have a question to ask. Are you comfortable in your salvation that was given to you by Jesus Christ? Do you know you are going to Heaven? For those of you that have that comfort, I thank the Lord for His gift and your acceptance of it. I thank God that we have that Peace that passes all understanding. However, I want you to think of all those you know who do not have that same comfort as you do. I want you to think of all of those who have lost all hope, or are one burden, or one tragedy, from losing hope.

The events that we hold and support at CCF/Shepherd's Light are not just for our congregation alone. They are for outreach and ministry to others as well. I encourage you to invite someone, a neighbor, a friend, even the grocery clerk that you see each time you go to the store. Invite them to any and all of the events that are held. Let them know that you love them enough to be worried about their soul. God will set up the opportunities, all we need to do is seize them.

We are not to keep this treasure to ourselves but are called to share it with all. We are called to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are called to share with them that death has been conquered and salvation is as close as the simple acceptance of Jesus.

I look at our congregation and see so many who have been touched directly or indirectly by the miracles that God has done in our lives. What awesome testimonies we have. Testimonies that are to be shared with others, and to give them the Hope of Eternal life with Jesus, to give them the same comfort that we have.

God promises that through the Spirit, He will fill your cup to overflowing so that you have more than enough for yourself. As a Christian, we are commanded by our Lord Jesus to share that gift with others. Are you willing to take up the charge the Lord who saved your soul asks of you? Will you do as your Lord commands? Look around at all the things happening in the world and know without at doubt that that time is short, the time for redemption is now. God is just looking for people willing to spread His Gospel.

I am looking forward to the events of this coming month and seeing what a wonderful work God has for us.

Our Lord Bless and Keep you. His Face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and may God give you shalom as your destiny.

In His Service,
Pastor Gary