Below are some resources that you can use for more in-depth Bible study.

STEP 2.0 Bible is a free online Bible study resource that has been designed by Tyndale House of Cambridge University. They are known for being a great scholarly resource for many who are doing their post graduate studies. I was able to test drive it a bit and I find that it is a very powerful tool that is easy to use. In addition it gives you the ability to search a number of commentaries.

For most, using this resource in conjunction with the other free software such as "E-sword" (, and "Online Bible" software ( really can fill out your bible study library. These are great for laptops when you may not have internet access.

My personal favorite is "Blue Letter Bible" ( and I use it a lot when doing my own personal studies as well as when I am doing research for the Wednesday and Sunday teachings. Don't forget the other great online resources such as "Bible Hub" (, and "Bible Gateway" (

Check them out and if you like them, add them to your library.

Lord Bless,
Pastor Gary